2012 Ford Escape Routes Atlanta Meet Up

Here’s another fun 2012 Flashback!

Ford launched it’s excited new TV show Escape Routes with a “meet up” at the Twelve Hotel in Atlanta.  Fans got a chance to meet the cast and hear candid conversations about the show!  This event took place back in April but I still remember how fun it was to watch the members poke at each other and talk about their adventures and challenges.

Ford Escapes

Ford Escape Routes is new TV show on NBC that sends six teams on a nationwide collaborative competition, each in an all-new 2013 Ford Escape. The teams work with their fans to conquer various challenges and tasks in order to win prizes around every turn. The teams play to win the ultimate reward of $100,000 and their very own 2013 Ford Escape.

Ford Escapes

Hosts: Rossi Morreale, Talking with Tami & IJustine

Meet the Cast!

Tara & Bre, Brett & Ross, Iris & Terrance and Wilson & Sharon

Ford Escapes

Drew & Derek and Chekesha & Tiffany. Congrats goes out to Drew & Derek who WON the challenge!

Ford Escapes

More fun pics I captured from the Meet Up:

Escape Routes Interactive Challenge video:




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