Fun Times at C. Wonder Holiday Shopping Event!


Ever heard of the fashion retailer C. Wonder??  Neither had I UNTIL last night 🙂

You can call me SUPERWOMAN…  I photographed 4 events within 4 hours (including ATL traffic) and lived to tell the story.  C. Wonder was my 3rd stop and I was pleasantly surprised to see women’s accessories and all the pretty bright colors.  Celebrity blogger Talking with Tami hosted a holiday shopping event and I stopped by to capture all the fun.

Talking with Tami and her fabulous shoppers
Talking with Tami and fabulous C. Wonder shoppers/Photo by RobinLori














The store is located inside of Lenox Square Mall and the brand was founded by J. Christopher Burch.  BURCH… does that ring a bell?  It will ring for all of my Tory Burch fans…   J. Christopher is Tory’s ex-husband who also co-founded the Tory Burch Fashion House.  Learned something new, huh? 🙂

Photo by RobinLori

















Guests were able to view some of Tami’s favorite picks for the holiday and one lucky guest won a $75 gift card!   We were also treated to delicious cookies and the BEST lemonade I EVER had 🙂

It wasn’t too long before I had to dash off to my next event but I had a BLAST!  Enjoy the pics I snapped.

Photo by RobinLori











Photo by RobinLori
Photo by RobinLori
















Photo by Robin Lori
Photo by Robin Lori













Photo by RobinLori
Photo by RobinLori



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