Fun Times at Fandangles Restaurant & Bar in Atlanta!

Found another great restaurant for the family located at the Sheraton Downtown Atlanta.  Fandangles Restaurant & Bar is the PERFECT place to relax and enjoy delicious food!  I met the chef and general managers during my “Restaurant Week” shoot and was invited to pay them a visit.

Executive Chef, Marc Suennemann
Executive Chef, Marc Suennemann at Downtown Bites – Photo by RobinLori












fandangles 18-001
Photo by RobinLori












Lovely Dessert- Photo by RobinLori
Lovely Dessert- Photo by RobinLori













We arrived at the restaurant Sunday afternoon and was totally blown away with the atmosphere!  The space provides areas for leisure, fine dining and upscale bar.   I was already tired from shopping and immediately ran over to the private sitting (leisure) area which included a couch, table and flat screen!  It was also a perfect option for the fellas to watch the games (they also have a giant projector for all to enjoy)!

The food of course was simply amazing. My little one ordered Southern Fried Buttermilk Wings and consumed them within 10 minutes (after they cooled off)!  WE loved the touch of honey and red pepper dipping sauce on the side!  The entire experience was EXACTLY what we needed. 🙂

My guys…

Instagram Pics
Instagram pics I snapped













fandangles 11Fandangles is proud to offer unique cuisine utilizing distinctly southern regional and local ingredients. Overlooking the expansive swimming pool and gracious Savannah-style Garden Courtyard, Fandangles features a fifty-foot bar, outdoor terrace seating and a private wine room for intimate conference dinners or wine tastings. Enjoy truly fine dining with a health-conscious menu featuring gluten-free and vegetarian selections.

fandangles 17



Sending a BIG thank you to the Fandangles Restaurant & Bar team!!  I truly appreciate the invite & Hospitality.  We WILL be back 🙂



Restaurant Location and Hours:

165 Courtland St NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

  • 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm, nightly



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