“GARB Shoetique” Toya Wright & Danielle Cardriche Johnson

CONGRATS to Toya Wright and Danielle Cardriche Johnson who celebrated their grand opening of “Garb Shoetique” located in the swanky upscale West Village Place, Smyrna GA!! It’s also located steps aways from Kandi Buruss clothing store TAGS.

It’s wonderful to see beautiful black women accomplishing great things and this was one great occasion.  The shop and SHOES are a female’s fantasy but I had to focus and concentrate on getting my pics.  🙂

All of the ladies were extremely glamourous which made me feel awkward because I had NO makeup AND I forgot my earrings!  LOL!  Oh well…

The cake was absolutely phenomenal!  It looked so real… I had to go back and take more pics because I captured only the cupcakes.

Check out some of the other fun pics…