Get the Look: blluemade Made By Atlanta’s Own Factory Girls

We are happy to announce the launch of a NEW clothing line… blluemade, made by Atlanta’s Own Factory Girls is here!! This unique and emerging brand born out of a desire to have garments that travel well and are both functional and elegant for your everyday.


blluemade atlanta



Brand’s founders and Emory professors, Alex Robbins & Lilly Lampe, traveled to Belgium where they sourced the high-quality linen. Their use of Belgium linen is the cornerstone of each blluemade garment as it is durable and sustainable with a beautiful natural texture + drape. The flax used in the linen is harvested down to the roots, making the harvested fibers particularly long, soft, strong, and the finished-product wrinkle-resistant.

Take a look at the first collection which is composed of six garments that will be forever apart of the brand’s signature staples.

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