One on One with Glam University Founder Sabrina Peterson: NEW Business Boot Camp for Female Entrepreneurs

Here’s an opportunity for young ladies to learn about how start a business!  Sabrina Peterson Founder of Glam University will Host ‘Glam University Business Boot Camp’ for Female Entrepreneurs THIS Saturday at Future Visions event space in Atlanta.

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Sabrina has paved the way for many Atlanta beauty gurus and has molded young females entrepreneurs and has assisted in contributing to their million dollar success in the industry. This business boot camp is an intensive program for women with all business interests.  Students will learn the ins-and-outs of creating your brand with business coaching from Sabrina and motivating speakers such as Chivon Ferguson of Pretty Girl Problems and attorney Christine White.  Guests will dine on a delicious meal provided by top Atlanta chef Sammy Davis – winner of Food Network’s ‘Chopped’, as well as cupcakes provided by My Fair Sweets and  Guests will also be provided with swag bag items including hair products from ORS, gift cards from Atlanta Pink Popcorn, Modify Watches and Kix’ies Thigh Highs.

I was able to catch up with Sabrina to ask her a few question about her journey and excitement for Glam University Business Boot Camp.  As you know, I’m STILL new in this world of blogging & conducting interviews… I had to quickly adjust my soft approach during our discussion.  “When you’re in Rome, you live as the Romans”.  Sabrina was very straight forward making it necessary for me to be more specific and precise.  I respected that 🙂

Although she is known for many successes, with success comes tribulations that Sabrina has recently faced. I asked about choices and decisions that may have caused her unfortunate time incarcerated early this year.

RobinLori: You have helped so many people and I see that you are a confident and strong individual.  People will ask or want to know about your decisions that got you to this point.

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Sabrina:  There was NO 1 decision or choice.   It was a series of wrong decisions such as choosing the wrong guy as a young girl 0r violating a probation which led me to recollect my thoughts and learn ways to help other young women become successful and wealthy entrepreneurs.  




RobinLori:  What are you MOST excited about for the business boot camp?

Sabrina:  Teaching women he business and making it simple.  I didn’t know and my parents didn’t know about buying stock or setting goals. I have so much to offer young ladies and I’m excited to share my journey and upcoming venture the new Glam Bar.

RobinLori:  And young ladies will be able to listen because you have a story and they can relate.  Thanks so much for your time.


Be sure to stop by ‘Glam University Business Boot Camp’ THIS Saturday! Visit

Special Bonus!! All weekend Uber will sponsor free first rides for supporters of Glam University. The code is GlamU







2 thoughts on “One on One with Glam University Founder Sabrina Peterson: NEW Business Boot Camp for Female Entrepreneurs

  1. Sabrina Peterson is one rude person. She has no customer service and these coaching skills are credible. She didn’t demonstrate any people skills to me and she feels she can treat her customers in a terrible way. I would never do business with her again, I wouldn’t refer anybody I know or didn’t know. I would advise others to be careful. She needs some customer service skills.

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