How to Handle Your Little Tattletale

Oh my goodness… YAY for HELP!!

I came across this article “Tame your Tattletale” in Parent Magazine and almost jumped out of my seat.  If you’re like me… you have little ones that CONSTANTLY tattletale on each other and it drives you insane!! This wonderful article helped me to interpret these ENDLESS urges to run and tell and how to handle it.

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Four most common types of tattles (I will use my Brandon & Johnathan):

1. “Jonathan won’t give me a turn.”

What Brandon means “I need help solving a problem”. Solution: Bring both kids together to problem-solve.

2.  “Brandon is ripping daddy’s copy paper”

What Johnathan means “I’m very proud of myself for following all my parents’ rules Solution: Ask question to help him express his feelings then bring the focus back to his own good behavior.

3. “Brandon said a bad word!”

What Johnathan means “I want to get my brother in trouble.” Solution: Don’t encourage/empower by reacting to brother… offer disinterested response and refuse to talk about it further.

4.  “They won’t play with me”

What Brandon means “I don’t know how to make friends”.  Solution: Teach him to observe and then blend.

BRILLIANT!!  Thanks Parent Magazine 🙂


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