Hard Decisions But #FamilyFIRST: Tips From a Female Photographer

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Oh my goodness… I’m writing this post as a form of therapy and constant reminder to remain grounded.   I’m sitting here in Los Angeles with the family (mixing business with pleasure) and I JUST finished a call with one of my “DREAM” job offers… but had to turn it down. Why??  It’s at the SAME day & time as my son’s FIRST music recital on December 11th.  AUGHHH!!


Tips from a female photographer:   One thing I know for sure is… there will many hard decisions to make but I choose #FamilyFirstIt’s what keeps me grounded in this business…  Sure my career is important but I have to make sure my boys are still smiling when I come home.

I begged my son to join the school chorus and he has learned to really enjoy and be proud of his accomplishment.  How could I not be there to see him shine?  Yes, there will be times I have to miss out their events but choosing my battles wisely is KEY.


You have to STAY GROUNDED.  Opportunities come and go but family is forever.  MANY people fail to appreciate that core value but I refuse to let my career override what’s MOST important.  It’s a bitter sweet at times… but I trust that bigger & better opportunities are waiting.

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