Colbeh Persian Kitchen & Bar

Had a chance to visit one of my neighborhood restaurants in Downtown Decatur earlier this year, Colbeh Persian Kitchen & Bar.  It’s a little hidden treasure located in our historical Court Square owned by Sean Shamloufar and his father.  Me and my gal pal Tammie were treated to some of most wonderful authentic Persian food and boy did we eat!  I had to roll myself outta there.  LOL!

 colbeh 4

We started with Oblong loaves of freshly baked taftoun flatbread speckled with black and white sesame seeds… with a sabzi plate of fresh green herbs (basil, cilantro), walnuts, white cheese and butter.

colbeh 1

…then on to Colbeh’s specialty menu items: joojeh kabob ($18) — a whole cornish hen cut into its mini-chicken pieces, threaded on a skewer, bathed in saffron and grilled plated with a side of saffron rice studded with dried barberries and pistachio (zereshk polo, $6). Soltani kabob ($22) a skewer of filet mignon and ground, seasoned beef.

colbeh 3

colbeh 2

Be sure to visit Colbeh Persian Kitchen & Bar  at 123 East Court Square  Decatur, GA 30030 (404) 373-1226

colbeh 5


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