Holiday Squat-a-Thon!

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about this new fitness challenge called Holiday Squat-a-Thon hosted by Fitspobook.  Lord knows I need a little help as body parts are starting to get out of place. 🙁  Photography really has me on the go… and lately I haven’t had time for my runs.  So I did a little research to find out more…

NOTE: This post is a couple of days late but it’s not too late to start!

Taken from Holiday Squat-a-Thon (Facebook)

Here’s how it works. Starting on Saturday, December 1, 2012 (That’s TOMORROW!!!) YOU will be responsible to complete a variety number of squats per day until December 31, 2012. Each day will have a different number of required squats and the occasional rest day =D. Guidelines: 1. Your number of squats can be distributed throughout the day or done all at once. (see below for squat schedule) …

2. A combination of single or double leg squats can be used. Each single leg squat on either leg will count as a whole squat. 3. Check out this page for tips on how to do a proper squat: 4. Occasionally post pics and updates on how your squats are going. 5. This is event is completely on the honor system and meant to be fun! Bonus: Just because we like to kick things up a notch, we will be offering a $50 gift card to our favorite restaurant FABLE KITCHEN to the person that comes up with the most unique place to do a squat!!! All you have to do is capture a picture of you doing the squat, post it on the TNer’s facebook page with a description and that’s it. The picture with the most “likes” by Dec 31 will win the prize. Time to firm up those gluts and hamstring, because it’s squat time!!! *The Tuesday Night food and run club are no responsible for any injuries, criminal violations or chafing during this Squat-A-Thon. This is meant to be a fun way to strength train and post hilarious photos of people doing squats.


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