Inspiring Moments at the Gilbert House Atlanta

Yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting an aspiring young artist for a one on one interview. The TWIST: I was the one being interviewed! Keyanner, a college student majoring in Mass Communications, welcomed me to the Gilbert House with so much excitement and warmth. She has a LOVE for photography and wanted to learn about my journey for her career development. Instead of the typical “sit down” discussion, I requested a tour of the Gilbert house which also utilized her skills as the assistant to the ArtsCool at Gilbert House. 🙂

gilbert house 9
Gilbert House/ Photo by RobinLori
gilbert house 1
Gilbert House/ Photo by RobinLori























I had some of the most inspiring moments with Keyanner. I’ve always believed that having a vision is half the battle and she has a remarkable eye! I let her snap some pics with my camera as we strolled and she zoned in on the most fascinating things. Not sure of my impact on Keyanner… but I certainly left her presence refreshed, excited and encouraged about what was shared. We will be teaming up for upcoming projects!

gilbert house 2
Keyanner & ArtsCool Instructor

























The Jeremiah S. Gilbert House located in the Perkerson neighborhood is one of Atlanta’s oldest surviving structures and employs a distinctive building technology using fieldstones, mortar, and wood. Dating to 1865, it is one of the few examples of this construction type still found in Atlanta. Jeremiah S. Gilbert originally owned the area that now encompasses the Perkerson neighborhood. The Gilbert House has threefold significance: first, as the home of one of Atlanta’s earliest families; second, as a rare example of an exceptionally significant technology, and lastly, as a rare existing example of an Atlanta farmhouse. Today the Gilbert House serves as a Cultural Arts Center under the operation of the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs. -OCA

gilbert house 5 gilbert house 4 gilbert house 3gilbert house 6












ARTSCooL, a summer arts employment program for teens, provides art instruction, exposure to cultural events/venues, and practical employment training. The program is designed to accommodate many levels of talent—beginners to advanced. Participants are selected through an interview process. Once accepted, students will receive a salary or stipend for their commitment to the eight week program, which will culminate in showcasing their work in a professional style exhibition. ARTSCooL, which will run from June 3, 2013 – July 26, 2013, gives teens the chance to experience creative freedom and develop their creative skills.

Through a partnership with the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency and the Mayor’s Youth Program, ARTSCooL identifies teens who want summer income and the opportunity to work under the guidance of a local professional artist to gain technical instruction. Participants meet in a performing, visual, or digital arts studio for four hours a day with their teaching artist.



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