INVEST in Good Equipment: Tips from a Female Photographer

I will NEVER forget the day one of my mentors looked at my camera and said… you have to buy a better camera. It didn’t sit well with me at the time because I was meeting the right people and getting into the same events. “I’m good with what I have thank you”… so I thought.  It wasn’t until he sent me to one of my first “paying” gigs to realize I didn’t have it all.  I was trying to photograph my VERY FIRST red carpet and it happened to be a Disney event.  OMG, I couldn’t get the right color tones and it was because my camera didn’t have the setting to take me where I needed to go.  You see… having a good eye is KEY but having the right equipment takes you to another level.




Tips from a female photographer:  INVEST in good equipment!





I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to be on the red carpet with “so called” photographers/media outlets etc. with CAMERA PHONES!  And they actual push their way to get the SAME shots as the professional photogs with $3500 – $10,000 cameras!  They feel a certain entitlement because some of the iPhone & Samsung pics actually turn out pretty damn good.  But you can see the ones who REALLY take their craft seriously by the equipment they use.

Seriously though,  to my fellow aspiring photographers… buy the necessary tools to service your clients and increase your business. Put the money you make BACK in your business to get the camera with higher megapixels, a clean & polished website, a telephoto lens, decent business cards etc.  Payment plans are available 🙂

I am STILL learning this lesson today:  If you want to hang with the big dogs, you gotta have the same stuff! 

On a lighter note… take a look at this LEICA!  The world’s most expensive camera… worth 2.8 million dollars.

leica camera




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