iPhone Portrait Project By Photographer Ish Holmes

Check out this AWESOME iPhone portrait by my photog buddy Ish Holmes!  Pure white background using natural light… Yeah, my eyes were tired (ok, extremely gloomy) but I love the rawness and authenticity.  No retouches, makeup, stylist or studio lights… only Me, the beautiful sunlight, Ish and his iPhone 🙂

















I think Ish is one of the most brilliant photographers in Atlanta and was honored to take part in his project.  Last week, I had a chance to stop by his studio which reminded me of an old vintage art gallery.  The place is truly remarkable and the perfect haven for artist.  Of course I wanted to know how all of this was started…

“I had a Blackberry for years but hated the pictures.  Finally, I got an iPhone 5 and was hanging out with friends taking pictures.  The images were a complete turnaround from my blackberry and that’s when the iPhone project idea hit me” said Ish.

My iPhone pic of Ish.














Stay tuned for more AMAZING things from Ish Holmes Photography.  Be sure to check him out for your next studio shoot!

Me and Ish
Me and Ish




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