It’s RobinLori Chats One on One With Artist VEDO!

TODAY, I had a chance to chat “one on one” with the super talented VEDO, best known for his performances on season four of NBC’s popular talent competition, The Voice.  This Michigan born entertainer also won “Male Artist of the Year” at the 2014 Georgia Music Awards and boy did we have a blast talking about his journey, mutual friends and music industry experiences.  It’s such a small world…. 🙂



















But first… VEDO just released his new single “Classic” which can be purchased on iTunes NOW.

Take a listen:

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before… My twin sis and I grew up in the music industry singing & recording with different producers all over the nation.  It didn’t work out for us though… it’s a cruel world out there and we just moved on to living normal lives.  I was totally geeked to learn VEDO worked with producer Troy Taylor who my sis and I met over 25 years ago during our quest for stardom with NY  producer Donald Dee (worked with SWV) who pasted away.

1. It’s RobinLori:  Thanks so much for taking the call.  Ok, I couldn’t wait to chat with you because we have a mutual friend.  I met Troy over 25 years ago at his home studio and he was working with Carl Thomas and his group (I can’t remember the name of it) at the time.  Man, we have some great but hard core memories as young kids working HARD to make our dreams come true.  I remember they lived in his basement & worked hours & hours on their music.  Troy was a perfectionist and knew EXCATLY what he wanted to hear.  What was it like for you collaborating with this musical genius? 

VEDO: “Like you said… he super particular about the notes and even your hand gestures while recording but I understood it. I would send him recording that I recorded & mixed myself so he really didn’t have to micro manage me and that was a plus for him. I’ve been in the studio with Troy numerous times and yes… people could take him the wrong way. But I’m all about “how this song is going to come out?!! He was with me before The VOICE and has been like a brother and my homie.”


2. It’s RobinLori:  Well, I left the music industry years ago and now I’m a celebrity photographer.  I remember taking your picture at the FORD Experience event last month and you were so patient & kind. It was dark with funny lighting.. so I had to use a couple of extra seconds to get the shot. And it STILL didn’t come out like I wanted.. LOL!  How do you stay grounded in this business?



VEDO: “I stay grateful and thankful that someone even wants a photo of me.  I appreciate everything that comes my way.  Yes, some people choose to be a-holes about things but I chose to be kind and just grateful.  That’s what keeps me grounded”





3. It’s RobinLori:  There’s no doubt your voice is amazing!! I was checking out some of your YouTube “cover” video’s this morning and I LOVE your rendition of “Can’t Feel My Face”.  You basically take these songs to another level with your phrasing, rifts and adlibs.  I was curious though.. What are the plans/marketing strategies or how are you going to separate yourself from the cover songs to creating an identity for VEDO?

VEDO:  “It’s basically my approach to everything… which is to be as honest as possible.  With dress, interviews etc.  I put in the work, I go HARD.  You have a lot of talented people out there but the WORK supersedes. When people listen to those covers… it didn’t happen over night.  I try to outdo the artist… not in a conceded way but out of admiration.   I like to critic an artist and I say… What if they did this to the song or went down on that note instead of going up?   I listen to these songs, study them and it becomes second nature to me.” 

Check out how VEDO puts his own spin to Can’t Feel My Face:


4. It’s RobinLori:  Tell me about  your new single “Classic”. Did you collaborate with someone or is this a VEDO “exclusive song-writing project?

VEDO:  “I didn’t collaborate on this one… but I work with producers from all over.  This particular team, “Decapo Music Group” (works with Pitbull & Rick Ross) sent me over about 30 songs.  It took me a while to get through all of them but this one track had a beat that was STUPID and I gravitated to it.  This beat gave a real modern R&B that I haven’t heard and will throw a curveball to the audience. I like old classic songs that speaks to a girl… but with a twist.  I was inspired to write it.  And then the track has that Biggie sample which took me by surprise!   I had written the entire song and didn’t know it at the time.


5. It’s RobinLori:  So what types of songs do like to sing the most? I know for me… certain gospel cords can really set things off for me. Is there a certain cord or sound that makes you get more into a song?

VEDO:  “I’m an R&B head… but baselines inspire me and will make me do more vocally.”

It’s RobinLori:  Excuse my ignorance but back in the day we loved the 808 kick box… Are you talking about a drum sound? 

VEDO:  “Like a bass guitar… but some musicians can bring out baselines on a keyboard and you can’t even tell the difference.”


6. It’s RobinLori:  Got it…  Have you written songs for other artist?  If so, who?

VEDO:  “I really haven’t had a placement yet… but I work with Troy who works with Trey Songz and I’m able to submit songs which was a MAJOR milestone for me.  I JUST got a placement for an artist overseas and I’m excited about that”.


7. It’s RobinLori: SO what’s next for VEDO?

VEDO:  “Well my single Classic is doing very well right now… I’m looking to do one more hot single and work on my full album.  In the meantime I’ll also drop mixed tapes because the people love them.  I’ll continue to collab & writing songs opens so many doors.  I want to leave a mark in music history… I was homeless with a bag of chips and I’m so grateful and happy for anything.  I’m just 22 years old… want to take it ALL.”


8. It’s RobinLori:  Wait a minute… You were homeless as in “family homeless?”

VEDO:  “Yes… my mom and 2 brothers were homeless most of our childhood.  We lived in shelters, our car & with other people but my mom never gave up.  My younger brother is 20 years old and I want to give him a better life.  That’s why I strive to give… and I ‘m NOT bitter.  I’m glad to have the experience because I know to eat all of my food and not waste it because I may not get anymore.  You could either eat some of your food or All OF IT to last 5 to 6 hours. These are the lessons I learned and it’s why I’m taking it ALL.”


It’s RobinLori:  (In tears) OMG… I wasn’t expecting to be crying like a baby.  You are truly AMAZING and I know you are going to SOAR.  I truly wish you the best in everything you do.  I’m just gonna sit back and watch the show. 🙂

So there you have it… my one on one with VEDO.  Needless to say… I was truly inspired by this AMAZING vocalist & songwriter.  Be sure to follow him on Instagram & Twitter @VedoTheSinger



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