John Legend and Tamar Braxton’s ‘Made to Love Tour’ Stops in Atlanta!

Can’t tell you how thrilled I was to photograph John Legend and Tamar Braxton’s ‘Made to Love Tour’ at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta!

There was only 2 of us (that I know of)) and we were positioned to the far right corner of the stage…  so all of my shots are from one angle.  Also, we only had 3 songs for each act to get our images so I had to work fast!  Such a rush and I’m sooooo grateful 🙂

I’m a music lover but was totally ZONED out from hearing the concert due to my WORK MODE…  but I’m sure Tamar and John gave a brilliant performance.  Here’s just a couple pics but you can view the entire gallery at



















John Legend 1 026-M














Special thanks to RollingOut for the opportunity!


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