Find Out What Ben and Jewel Tankard Had to Say About The “Key” To A HAPPY Marriage!

I was tickled pink to have the opportunity to chat with Jewel and Ben Tankard,  Bravo’s self-proclaimed “Black Brady Bunch”.  Thicker Than Water is returning for season 3 Sunday March 27th and I can’t wait to see what this larger-than-life family has been up to!

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With the kiddies out of the house… Jewel is now the host of the nationally syndicated “Jewel Tankard Show” which focuses on discussing topical issues that impact people’s everyday lives. Ben is working on a new self-help book “The Full Tank Life” and has also completed a healthy body transformation with a 40 pound weight loss

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As I prepared to gather my thoughts and plans for my interview… only one question danced in my head for this couple.  “What is the KEY to a happy marriage?” 

Unfortunately… sharing my audio would be a disservice to the interview.  We were ALL on mobile phones heading to our next destinations…moving and shaking with traffic and noise. But here’s a written version of what the Tankards had to say:

RobinLori:  Hello… and thank you for taking the time to speak with me today!  I’m excited about the new season and what you have in store but I have to be honest…  I only have one question for the two of you and that is… What is your secret ingredient for a happy marriage?

Ben: Girl, I’m so happy you asked that.  Your husband is so blessed to have you as a wife and you are so blessed to have him as a husband…. but the enemy doesn’t agree with that.  SO you have to be INTENTIONAL on having a happy marriage.  We just keep it light and keep it fun because anything that’s fun… you want to keep on doing.  If it feels like work… you’re gonna stay in the bed. So we try to find ways to make marriage fun.  You have to tweak those things… try to stay away from the areas that age you and move towards the areas that make you smile.


RobinLori:  Yes, so it’s more like a conscious decision to be happy??

Jewel:  It really is… you have try not to take everything so serious.  We got married knowing that we had the same core values and we love each other… but we allow each other to speak into each others lives.  So if I’m being called to the carpet on something or I may not want to do this or that… I know he has my best interest in mind and the same with him.  He doesn’t tell me things JUST to be telling me.  If he pulls my coat tail on something I know it’s because he wants me to be my best.  We trust each other to kind of go there.  And of course I couldn’t imagine having a marriage without GOD as the head of our household.


Ben:  One of the things I’m planning on doing this summer &  you’re probably gonna read about it… Jewel don’t think we’re going to do it but we are… and it’s on my bucket list.  We getting a big truck, drive it to the park and we’re gonna get arrested for making out in the park.  LOL!

RobinLori: OH MY GOODNESS!!  Alright now, can I get an AMEN from the Mrs??  LOL!

Jewel: Yes, Lord that’s alright. 🙂

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