One Thing I Learned from the 2014 Bully Ball: Tips From a Female Photographer

Boy, I certainly had a light bulb moment while photographing the 2014 Bully Ball last week!  This was NEW territory for me… there were NLF players, Coca Cola & Bentley execs and I had no clue of 90% of the room.   The Bully Ball  is hosted by the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue (Co-Chairs Kelley Brim Hollowell and William P. Fralic) who’s mission is the safety and well-being of all English Bulldogs.   It was a beautiful black tie event and my job was to capture it ALL.

Photo from GEBR/Facebook


Tip of the day: When in Rome… find someone to help you!

I was a career sales woman (15 years) before my photography business kicked in and should have known this…  one important rule in the world of sales is to find your inside COACH or advocate! The same rule applies HERE.  Some of you may already know this… but I had to go through 2 minutes of panic before someone rescued  and pointed me to each and every VIP in the room.  This certainly saved time as I would normally snap a pic of every single person in a room.  Well this room had over 300 people and I almost fainted!  LOL!!


Sending a very special thanks to my coach Kelley!!   I had a fabulous time with the bulldogs and supporting a great cause.  

p.s. My hubby has been looking at purchasing a bulldog for 3 months now.  Photographing this event was part of my destiny 🙂


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