Lexxi “Rhythm Lotus”

Had a chance to stop by one of my favorite jazz venues, Kat’s Cafe I wanted to check out this new Urban Bohemian Soulstress, Lauren Alexis and her debut album LEXXI “RHYTHM LOTUS”.  I must say… she is a beautiful young lady with a sweet soulful voice. I wasn’t able to stay and hear Lexxi’s live performance but really enjoyed listening to the album as it played throughout the evening.  The music is a mixture of R&B, Neo-Soul & Rythmic Pop.  I also like the album because of the consistancy of the style… allowing you to sit back and relax without having to change your playlist.  🙂

Visit the website or purchase a CD at LEXXISINGS.com

Note: This is actually a pic of Lexxi doing her interview.  Looks like she’s singing, huh…??  Love!