Life of a Photographer: 2 Thumbs Up at #LEGOLAND California with My Boys!

It feels so good to reap the benefits of a job you love 🙂  Being able to take my boys to #LEGOLAND was the highlight of my recent trip to California and I couldn’t wait to share a few of my iPhone pics with YOU.  We’ve traveled to Disneyland & Disneyworld… LEGOLAND also gets 2 thumbs up as the perfect getaway for kiddies.

Legoland 10

Legoland 6

My hubby travels to LA a few times a year giving me a chance to plan fun retreats for the kids.  We’ve never been to LEGOLAND and was pleasantly surprised with all the attractions the park has to offer. Tons of rides that accommodate kids who are just tapping into their little “bravery” saved the day.  Like my Jonathan (7)… he observes his surroundings and is fully aware of what he wants to try and stay away from.  The rides were not so intimidating and he was able to experience EVERYTHING! The other cool thing was watching my oldest son Brandon (9) enjoy the things he loves… the bigger roller coasters, creating his own LEGO cars and racing them at the Imagination Zone – Build & Test!  And guess what?!?!!  He won 1st place every time 🙂

Legoland 9

We were able to cover half of the park on Friday and the other half on Saturday allowing us to pace our visit to perfection.  Check out some of the fun pics I snapped!

Maps in hand…  we’re off!

Legoland 12

Miniland USA… All made with over 32,496,000 LEGO bricks!

Legoland 11


Cute little Driving School in Fun Town!

Legoland 3

And here’s the parent trap ( BIG Store)

Legoland 7

Legoland 8


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