Life of a Photographer: 3 Reasons Why I Don’t Get Caught Up In The HYPE!

My life as a “female” event photographer has been AMAZING!  There’s so many fun things that come with it including gifts, celebrities, exclusive invites, parties and FREE food. But don’t get it twisted… I don’t get caught up in the HYPE.  You cannot get distracted by the fame & glam or you will get sucked up into a web of false hope.  People wonder why I never stay for the after party and HOW I stay grounded…?? I know my PURPOSE.













Here’s 3 reasons/tips:

1.  There’s this saying in the streets… “NEVER use your own supply”.  I totally don’t condone using or selling drugs but I always kept the business motto in mind. How are you going to make a profit when you smoking/using up all of your products?  I get MANY invites to after parties and extra activities beyond just taking photos.  While in LA a couple of months ago… I had a few opportunities to hang out in the hills after the BET Awards show.  First of all I was too exhausted to even think about it and 2nd… I’m really not interested in partying or being with the who’s who.  I was out there by myself and needed to stick with the plan: photograph the events, edit the pics and send to my clients.  That’s it… photograph, edit & send.  Everything else would suck up my supply… which was my ENERGY.  I complete the job then take my little behind home.

2. I know what’s real and what’s fake.  I get to see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes with some of these celebrities.  Trust me, even though you see all the fancy cars, designer clothes and jewelry… most of it is fake and they have the SAME money issues as you and I.  It’s an exhausting game of trying to stay on top… everyone is trying to get their hustle on to stay relevant.  My REAL life does not include trying to live like to Jones.  I already live an abundant life with everything I could ever want… a wonderful hubby, 2 great kids and a spiritual awareness that keeps me grounded.  And yes, we do take family trips, we do have a nice cars and a wonderful home… but most all we have love, peace and joy in our heavenly father.  **I’m going to start shouting* * 🙂

3.  I LOVE my craft.  Photography is truly what I love to do.  Covering all of the celebrity events is great but I’m there to do a job and that’s it.  Most of the time I don’t get to enjoy the party because I’m focused on the task at hand.  But momma LOVEs to eat… so every now and then I get to enjoy small bites from the amazing spreads.  AND I do get a kick out of getting selfies but it’s ONLY to market myself as a celebrity blogger & photographer. I’m not star struck… I just happen to be my own marketing team. I did get nervous when I saw Miss Robbie from “Welcome to Sweetie Pies” though 🙂  Half the time I don’t even say more than 5 words to celebs which is, “May I have a photo?”

So… there you have it folks.  It may look like HYPE when you see my Instagram pics… but it’s really MY JOB and all the perks that come with it.  My PURPOSE… life on earth is with my family but my REAL life is “eternal” with the creator.


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