Life Of A Photographer: 5 Ways to Encourage Your Kiddie Siblings to Get Along

I woke up this morning to the most wonderful sight… my two little boys BACK in the same room together.  It was a bitter sweet for my hubby because they JUST agreed to have separate rooms but they are still inseparable and I’m loving it!

Here’s 5 ways YOU can encourage your kiddie siblings to get along:

inseperable siblings 4















1.  NEVER compare your kids:  We all want to teach our kids the right way of doing things… but comparing them to other kids or their siblings only discourages them. The best way to show them is by example/on the spot training using their “own” everyday experiences.

2.  Don’t get caught up in taking sides:  Like most other siblings… my boys argue and tattle-tale ALL the time.  Let them learn to work out conflict.  Unless it’s life or death… I refuse to let myself get involved or react to one telling on the other.  Kids will feed into that power of “wrong energy” which creates sibling rivalry. Bad doings will come out in the wash, then I can see it for myself and handle at that time.

3.  Give them as many warm fuzzies as noodle lashes: My sister always compliments me on how I keep a balance of fussing and giving my boys hugs & kisses.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I fuss… who doesn’t?  But I’m determined to give them just as much affection.  Especially in the mornings…  How you start your day is a powerful force in how you end it. 🙂

4.  Show no signs of favoritism:  Come on parents… be fair.   My mom has shared many stories of me & my twin sis growing up.  One “key” lesson has stayed with me forever… she always fed us at the same time.  She was a single parent but never put one of us down to feed the other.  This was symbolic because it put my sis and I on equal grounds… we NEVER felt inferior to one another causing jealously or hate.

5.  Let them express their feelings:  I know some of you are mumbling on this one.  LOL!  Back in the day kids were seen and not heard.  I don’t agree with this method.  Now don’t get me wrong… there is a level of respect and boundaries that are required but everyone deserves to be heard and acknowledged.  It also helps them to be fully aware of what they are feeling and how to channel them.  You don’t want grown “unexpressive” men with pinned up anger.


Here’s a pic of my wonderful sight this morning. 🙂 We even purchased these cool gadgets for Christmas so they could stay connected… and look where they ended up.

inseperable siblings 2











COBRA walkie talkie’s

inseperable siblings 3









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