Life of A Photographer: Why Can’t I Have My Cake and Eat It Too?

I woke up this morning feeling some kind of way… This “Life of a Photographer” segment comes with a bitter-sweet…  my photography business has doubled but my blog has truly suffered.  Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too? Some of you may be tired of me talking about my blog so you can stop reading HERE. 🙂

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Many of you know my history and struggles with trying to maintain this cool hobby of sharing my adventures and turning it into a money making machine… I’m constantly on a see-saw with this BLOG . OMG, last night I looked at my ranking and it dropped ALL THE WAY DOWN to where I started back in 2012.  And it only took ONE MONTH!!  All of the work I put into creating good content and photos went down the drain. I’ve been sooo busy working and processing pics for clients that I just haven’t had the time to write & post.  I know I know… photography is my first priority and it’s the real money making machine.  “If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense”.  But I have to stop fooling myself… I actually love my little blog and want to see it grow as well.  Y’all know I built it from the ground up… so it kind of hurt to not only see it plunder to the ground but FAST.  It will take months to get it back up in rankings. UGHHH!!

Don’t get me wrong… I’m absolutely grateful things have finally shifted from the freebies to getting paid doing what I love.  And I know my hubby prefers the PAID gigs because this business keeps me out of the house all the time.  So NOW I have to have more purpose and do LESS of  just being at an event to cover a story.  I have to make better choices for my family, not JUST me.  Good thing is… I’ve been working non-stop over the past month and the decisions have been made for me!  I go where the money is…  I’m a photographer FIRST and blogger SECOND. But on the other hand, I’ve been left with very little time to create original posts and babysit my website.  Copying popular stories & taking the easy route is a death sentence to any blog… and that’s what I’ve been doing. 🙁

It’s funny because last month I wanted to get rid of my site… it comes with A LOT of headaches.  But then I find myself getting anxious when something happens to it.  LOL!  It’s like having a love-hate relationship.  But I’m not stupid… I have a family to nurture and can’t be sucked into things that steal my energy.  And that goes for organizations, blogs AND people.

I have a “Rant of the Day” post coming up NEXT to explain….  stay tuned.



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