Life of a Photographer: 2015 Graduates with Family!

Life of a photographer… I’m so proud of my boys and all of their accomplishments over the school year. Brandon has worked EXTREMELY hard to meet his 3rd grade requirements (including the Milestone Test) and we survived!

life of a photographer 7
Brandon is going to 4th grade!


















Jonathan is going to 1st grade!
Jonathan is going to 1st grade!



















Lord knows it has been a struggle trying to balance work, family and career.   But there is NO question… my babies come FIRST.  They are as bright as the sun… Jonathan practically paved his own way through kindergarten as we were consumed with keeping Brandon on track with his 3rd grade curriculum.  Bless his little heart.  Mommy couldn’t be more proud 🙂

We also had other family members who walked across the stage!  Joe’s cousin Rana graduated from high school and all of his Mobile AL family came to visit! It was so nice to see him laugh and crack jokes with his uncles and aunts.  They pretty much raised him (along with his grandparents) as he lost his mom & dad at very young age.  He emerged from his tragic surroundings to become the most wonderful man, dad and husband.  I’m truly grateful for ALL of my blessings.

We pretty much had a family reunion at our house with drinks and food that could feed a nation.  We are STILL trying to get rid of it all.  LOL!  Kudos to chef Joe (my hubby)

life of a photographer 2













life of a photographer 4












life of a photographer 3













We even received a special treat from our wonderful neighbors… fresh strawberries!

life of a photographer 1












It was kind of a “bitter sweet” as I missed my twin sis and her family.  They traveled out of town for Tyler’s (my niece) soccer tournament and the report is… she is KILLING it!!  All in all… I’m having an amazing weekend!  There’s no place like home or family.  #SmellYourRoses

CONGRATS to all of the 2015 graduates!


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