Life Of a Photographer: Brandon’s First Swim Meet!

I’m so PROUD of my son Brandon for testing the waters “literally”.  🙂  Brandon has been a part of the Dynamo “practice” swim program for a couple of years now and joined the Tiger Sharks team last month!  Being a part of the Carol Tate Swim Meet was huge undertaking for ALL of us.  And to top things off… this race included the LONG (Olympic pool) swim!  Talk about “culture shock.”

Brandon Marshall
Brandon Marshall



Don’t get me wrong… he is an AMAZING swimmer but he’s a newbie with little training for a race.  I just thought it would be good for Brandon to get the experience and participate with his new team.  No expectations.. just getting his feet wet.  I’m a true believer that kids need extra outlets for exercise and learning… swimming for BOTH of my boys has been a wonderful tool.









Check it out… my sis snapped this cool pic of Brandon!

brandon family 2
My little fish

















As for the race…  He didn’t place and that was totally fine.  Here’s a excerpt from my Instagram post regarding his 3rd race of the day.

 “This is Brandon’s 3rd race (first official meet) in the LOOONG swim.  He race against one of the number 1 contenders but held his own.  The point THIS time is… I’m so porud he didn’t quit & he finished his tasks.  So many learning curves today & ahh ha” moments.  This is only the beginning… much to do!”

It was truly special to have our family’s support! A family that prays together, stays together.  🙂

My Familia
My Familia
















Enjoy the pics I snapped of all the fun.  Boy I was so nervous… my fingers were weak.  LOL!


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