Life of A Photographer: Childhood Memories From An Old Desk

I’m filled with emotion after restoring my mom’s 50+ year old vintage desk.  I put it in storage after she packed up her home & moved to Virginia to care for our grandmother.  This 1960’s Danish “Administrator” walnut desk (made by the Alma Desk Co.) is STILL in great condition but what I found INSIDE is priceless!


family history 6















My mom was a musician, artists and studied theology at Duke University.  It’s so ironic to me that I found three items in the BACK of the drawer that reflects her 3 talents.

Drawings as a Youth:

family history 1














Flutes (I remember playing with these as a child):

family history 3













Writings from College (drafts) – One thing I will never forget is how much time mom spent writing.  She actually STILL writes 85% to 90% of her thoughts (I’m not exaggerating).  I grew up with papers & writings EVERYWHERE (even on toilet paper).  I can appreciate it now because I know it was her release & form of expression,  She is BRAILLIANT:
















We would go to grandmothers house every summer and she STILL has every piece of furniture & fixtures from my childhood AND my mother’s childhood!   Granny always believed in taking care of things.  LOL… she had each day designated for a specific chore:  dusting on Monday, washing clothes on Tuesday,cleaning floors on Wednesday, planting/outdoor activity on Thurs, changing linen’s on Friday and cooking Sunday’s dinner on Saturday.  Not  moment to waste!

Check out some of our other priceless family pieces:

I also restored my mom’s Curtis Mathes “Vintage” Stereo.  And it STILL works:

family history 7












Vintage television set.












This lamp was was given to my grandparents by a man who was 90 years old. It was passed down to him and my grandmother worked for him as a teenager. If i do the math correctly… this piece is about 200 years old!













My mother’s Yamaha piano.








I’m so grateful to have these items from my childhood but even more grateful for family. #SmellYourRoses

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