Life Of A Photographer: I Forgot to Bring My Camera!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought your stomach was going to fall to the floor?? I felt THIS gut-wrenching agony when I forgot to bring my camera for one of the largest charity events of the year in Atlanta. I said to myself, “Girl, you’re in TROUBLE now.” #LifeOfAPhotographer












I have to admit… yesterday (Saturday) was FULL of activity beginning at Six Flags amusement park with the kids from 9 – 2 PM, followed by a photo shoot (baby shower) AND my final shoot at this exclusive gala from 7 – 11 PM.  My brain must have been fried because I went home to take a quick shower but checked & rechecked to make sure I had all of my accessories (batteries, lens & flash) before leaving the house.  OMG, I was in pure horror when I arrived at the venue, stepped out of my car and realized I forgot the doggone camera!  Who does that?!?!!

Luckily, TIME was on my side.  I always arrive a few minutes early to what’s required (scoping the land) but there was NO time for me to drive back home then back to the hotel.  I put on my big girl panites and called my hubby.  LOL!  I was SOOOO embarrassed… “how can you be a photographer & forget your camera” is what I kept thinking to myself.  “Joe, I need a HUGE favor.. I need you to grab my camera and come to Buckhead as soon as we hang up”, I cried.  This was one of those occasions I had NO time for questions and he knew it.  In all fairness to him… I can just imagine what he was thinking.  But I had no time for pride… my job was at stake!!

I was hired to cover the red carpet/step & repeat and thank goodness NO ONE came to my area before Joe arrived about 25 minutes later (with his fine self). 🙂 The photo line began to form as soon as I stepped back in. Whew, won’t he do it?!!  I’m so grateful for him coming to my rescue.  Also giving a shout out to my assistant who was assigned to help me for the event.  She really looked out and gave me words of encouragement the entire time.

All in all… the evening was a success. I was dead tired physically & mentally but in times of TROUBLE, make CAKE!  Here’s a few pics of my boys at SixFlags:

six flags 2














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