Life Of A Photographer: FUN Kiddie Activities on A Rainy Christmas Eve!

Ok so it’s raining, thundering & lightning like cats & dogs on Christmas Eve in Atlanta and if you’re like me… EVERYTHING gets turned off!  TV’s, lights and electronics… oh my!  No panic button at the Marshall’s… today is the perfect day to bring out the kiddie activities to keep the holiday spirit. 🙂



















Building a ginger bread house has always been a tradition in our family.  My boys look forward to picking their side of the house to decorate.  Well ummm, this year…  the construction quickly went sour and everyone decided to EAT the gingerbread for breakfast.  No cooking this morning so why not?!?! 🙂

And then there’s the family board games.  What a great time to sit down for family fun with no cell phones and iPads.  We have some of the best opportunities to learn each other and create meaningful conversations over Monopoly.

Ahhh, how about the good ole playing with toys??  We have purchased tons of toys for the boys over the years and ALL they have picked up is the electronics.  This is the perfect opportunity for them to actually play together and be creative with their surroundings.  I love it!

Last but not least.. it’s not a bad idea to catch up on a little reading.  Get out those books and read to each other or you can sit down together and read your own favorite book.  As long as you’re together you can’t go wrong.

Have a wonderful and safe HOLIDAY everyone!

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