Life of a Photographer: My First GETTY Assignment Was The Peanuts Movie Atlanta VIP Screening!

My life as an event photographer has been a hard but wonderful journey.  I have to pinch myself at times because in just 5 years…  I have actually reached most the goals I set for myself in this industry.  The Peanuts Movie VIP Atlanta screening with Ludacris and Ryan Cameron Foundation totally legitimized my road to success as I completed my very first photo gallery with Getty Images!! It’s finally official. HOORAY!!!

My first and #1 goal was to photograph President Obama while in office and not only did it happened… I was able to photograph 3 presidents!

president Obama, bush and clinton















Another little wishful thought was being a GETTY photographer.  This is a HUGE milestone for an aspiring photographer like myself and I would like to thank my family and supporters for being the wind beneath my wings 🙂

Here’s an instagram shot of my photo with Film Magic/Getty Images


















Side Note:  Ludacris was moving fast into the movie theater and I wasn’t sure if I missed or actually got the shot… He said to me, “oh yes, you got the shot”.  I looked at my camera and CERTAINLY got it 🙂

Now on to the event…  Of course I won’t use the images I captured but here’s a few fun pics from the house photographer Paras Griffin who is also a GETTY contributor.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the boys due to my nerves and need to focus… but The Peanuts Movie will be in theaters THIS Friday November 6th.  WE WILL BE THERE!



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