Life of a Photographer: My Highlights from The Spa At ESI!

I would to thank the AMAZING Spa at ESI team for treating me like a princess!  Earlier this week, I spent a day at the spa…  full of pampering, facials and happy feet!  Spa at the Elaine Sterling Institute is located in Sandy Spring GA and provides an array of skin treatments, pedicures and manicures from students learning the art of beauty.

















Y’all know I don’t do this often… so it was great to actually sit/lay down and enjoy the experience.  First stop:

Facial with Donna which included the Diamond Microdermabrasion, MicroCurrent and LED. She was really sweet and took the time to explain EVERYTHING to me.  She called the process a “weekend face lift” which included scrapping the dead skin cells and treating my elastin and collagen with the “cool” LED light!  I could really feel the machines doing it’s magic … and with NO pain.  BTW, Donna mentioned that I had NO wrinkles!  I was surprised to hear this because for some reason… I thought my baggy eyes were wrinkles.  LOL!





















Happy Feet with Amber was my second stop.  I’ve never had a mud wrap in my life and the idea of  a “facial for the feet” was brilliant!  The ESI establishment is so dainty… and the pedi chairs were relaxing and comfortable.  It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to lay in it… but everything fell in place.  And to top off my happy feet… Amber gave me a head massage which did wonders for my bad nerves. 🙂

Special thanks to the ESI team for your wonderful hospitality.  Be sure to stop by or visit ESI at


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