Life of a Photographer: Hooray for ANOTHER Family Trip!!

I have 2 more photo shoots today and then…. me & the boys will be swimming with turtles in the Virgin Islands for a wonderful family trip.  Hooray!!

virgin islands









This time tomorrow we will be on another planet (as far as I’m concerned) enjoying the beach, FOOD and each other.  Jackson will be at the doggie hotel meeting new friends and running all over the place, I have another photographer covering events for me and my twin sis will hold down the fort with any emergencies.  Bases checked!  I totally believe in keeping a balance with work and family… and I also believe “if you work hard, PLAY hard!” 🙂

I’m always posting stuff about celebrities and Atlanta events… so it’s time to share more of my family adventures and personal experiences away from the camera.  And speaking of cameras… they will ALL stay home!  Only iPhone pics on this trip.   Stay tuned for all fun photos and highlights from our stay in the Virgin Islands. I can’t wait!

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