Life of A Photographer: Hooray for Red Line RIM Repair!

Life of a photographer… True confessions:  OMG, I have the WORST luck with cars which includes damaging my hubby’s rims & tires for the “3rd” time!  Thank goodness for Red Line RIM Repair who saved the day.










Last year I scrapped his rims coming from the mall, caught a flat tire just a couple of weeks ago and THEN I scrapped his rims coming around Chick-fil-A drive thru on Tuesday. 🙁  I cannot tell you how ashamed and embarrassed I was… and the thought of making that dreadful call made my stomach cringe.  UGHH!  But I wasn’t going down this time… I had to do something.  So I searched the web and found Red Line Rim Repair who specializes “cosmetic surgery” for luxury cars.  Of course my hubby Joe had to check them out and give me the stamp of approval. And to my pure delight… for just $75 bucks the tire was fixed to perfection!

Check out my iPhone pics:

I met Brian (serviceman) over at Classic Cadillac in Marietta and 15 minutes later… my life was changed! He laughed when he saw me coming…  “wives desperate to fix the tire before hubby comes home” make up part of his largest customer base.  LOL!!!  He simply put a little grind on the damaged areas, sanded and finished with paint. Whew!

If you’re like me… you’ll need to keep this number on speed dial.  770-884-1450

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