Life of a Photographer: Lions and Tigers and Kiddie Playdates… Oh My!

As a parent, we want the best for our kids and will do almost anything to keep smiles on their little faces.  For some reason… kiddie playdates (one of the happiest moments for our kids) have become more and more stressful.  When the boys were in preschool & kindergarten all the “2 hour” party invitations went out to every student in the class… leaving sleepovers and personal visits a non factor.  As the kids are getting older… invites become more selective and that’s when all the lions and tigers and bears come out.


Flashback Family Photo - ALL Smiles
Flashback Family Photo – ALL Smiles



















NOTE: I was actually torn between adding this post to my “Rant of the Day or “Life of a Photographer” category… UGH!!

Is it me or am I finding myself reaching out more and more to parents for playdates?  Brandon (my oldest) has pretty much stayed connected with the same set of buddies since kindergarten and they play all the time… but I’m concerned about his connection with new friends.  Every time I turn around, HE’s trying to make all these great plans with his “so called” new friends and is convinced the parents are going to reach out to me.  “Mommy,  ABC’s mom said I can come over this weekend for a playdate” he says with so much excitement.  Of course I want him to make new friends… so I wait to hear word from the parent (s).  We have a school directory so all of the parents have access to contact information… but I NEVER hear anything!  So naturally, Brandon ends up begging me to call or text instead.

I’m the “reach out to parents” queen when it comes to planning dates with the boys & their buddies.  The few times I hear from parents …  some are so wishy washy with tons of issues , date/time changes or maybe Brandon is choosing the wrong friends that lead him on..?? Now… I’m kinda taking on my “single days” approach.  If someone really wants to be with you… they WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!  I’m sick and tired of seeing my babies let down because parents can’t get it together or they have some kind of commitment issue or they simply don’t want to be bothered.  As busy as I am… I do my best to be respectful of other’s time, follow up in a timely manner and DO AS I SAY.

Am I wrong for feeling a little fed up or as I say.. “It’s not that serious”??  Playdates bring such joy to my kids and I do everything in my power to make it happen.  Should I suck it up and continue to reach out or should I adopt my single days rule??

Life of a photographer…


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