Life of a Photographer: Meet Jackson Our NEW Chocolate Labrador!

Who would have EVER thought a NEW puppy could bring so much joy.  Meet Jackson, our new chocolate labrador who came into our lives 3 days ago.  Life of a photographer…

Jackson Chocolate labrador 1














Here he is… at the vet waiting for his first doctor’s visit. 8 weeks old…

The PROMISE:  Joe and I have been promising the boys this special love for 3 years and the time was NOW.  Brandon and Jonathan are also at the age of learning responsibility so we took on this new adventure in hopes of holding them accountable and brining even more joy to the family.  We found Jackson from a wonderful breeder, Turkey Creek Kennels We had to wait a few weeks to pick him up…so we watched his growth online.  I wanted to name him HERSEY but soon realized Jackson, his original name was the perfect fit.

The SURPRISE:  Too funny, I had it all planned out.  My recording of the boys meeting Jackson would be epic!  They would see Jackson,  scream and cry… then run into my arms with pure glee.  It was an epic failure.  My nieces, twin sister and their friends gathered around the boys for the reveal. We were all waiting for Joe & Jackson to come around from the back yard.  To my horror, they came from the OTHER side and the boys were extremely puzzled.  They see dogs all the time and did not realize Jackson was their own. So we yelled SURPRISE… and they finally ran to greet their new love.

The BIRTHDAY PARTY: All was not lost because the boys couldn’t stop smiling that day.  We celebrated Brandon’s 9th birthday in style with the Game Truck and sleepover with his friends.  Little Jonathan has never been able to have his friends over so we (I) invited his entire kindergarten class to enjoy balloons, face painting snow cones, popcorn and more!  I’m still trying to re-coop from all of the weekend activities.

The MOTHER:  It has been 13 years since I owned a puppy.  Her name was Precious and she was the most beautiful black Cocker Spaniel I’d ever seen.  Spent 13 years (how ironic?) with Precious before having to put her down and will admit… I was a little devastated.  Didn’t think I would ever set myself up for another heartbreak but had to think of my boys.  Joe and I also had to find the right time to commit this huge responsibility as most of it will be ours for the first few months.  Realistically speaking…



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