Life of A Photographer: I’m Totally Guilty Of Living Through My Kids!

This month, I suddenly came to a surprising realization… I’m TOTALLY living through my kids!  With all of the fun Halloween preparations & costumes, birthday sleepovers and movie marathons… I’m STILL a kid at heart and find myself in total bliss with all of the adventures.  #LifeOFAPhotographer

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Me and the boys after a day trip to Disneyworld!

















EXAMPLE #1:  Last year, I totally went over-board (in our world) for Brandon’s birthday.  Not only did I invite Brandon’s friends… but Jonathan’s entire kindergarten class, the parents and their families.  I hired The GAME TRUCK, balloon clowns and even face painters!  We served wine, beer, popcorn, all sorts of food, desserts, ice cones and the list goes on.  But WHO was it all for??

EXAMPLE #2:  Halloween is one of MY favorite treats!  Our neighborhood has a fabulous caravan and all of the neighbors participate with haunted houses, costumes and the BEST candy ever!  We no longer live in the neighborhood but we make our way BACK over each and every year.  I love shopping for kiddie costumes and walking up to each door with the boys to hear… TRICK OR TREAT!!   I love coming back home to dump the entire bag on the floor to sort through the good & the bad stuff.  Oh yes… let’s not forget X-mas and weekend activities.  We make sure the boys have smiles on their faces with everything they ever wanted (in moderation).  They really are GOOD boys and we are so proud of their accomplishments.  Why not spoil them a little?  But again WHO is it all for??

EXAMPLE #3:  I love to hear/talk about relationships with their little friends, innocent dreams about dragons and candy land, activities at school and all of their thoughts.  It brings me back to my youth and takes me to a world of NO bills, NO hate and NO worries.  I like being in that space from time to time.

There’s that old saying, “You lose your life when you have kids”.  But I’m actually enjoying every minute of it!  So am I really guilty?? 🙂


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