Lost Faith Evans File… and Kudos to the BET Awards Press Room!

I’m STILL going though images from the 2015 BET Awards weekend!  After satisfying my clients… I tend to revisit to see what I can use for myself.  I just couldn’t let the days go by without 2 honorable mentions… the press room and Faith Evans,  BET performer & one of my favorite R&B singers.

Faith Evans BET Awards
Faith Evans BET Awards


As I mentioned in my previous Nicki Minaj post… the day was long & hard on the red carpet.  By the time they officially ended the walk through…  my body was telling me, “You better sit down, or I will FALL DOWN!”  5 hours of extreme heat, heavy equipment and competing for pictures can take it’s toll on ANY brave soul.  Thank the heavens for Robert (BET) who led the photographers inside the theater to the press room.  I was singing hallelujah because it was cool AND they provided LUNCH for us!


Yours Truly was so busy gobbling down a sandwich… I almost missed the beautiful Faith Evans as she entered the room. Thank goodness I looked up and grabbed my camera for a couple of decent shots of this AMAZING vocalist.  It was pretty cool because Faith was another “1st time photographed” for me.  She was my last capture of the day and I JUST found the images!  My flight was booked for later that evening which left me very little time to stay.  So I dumped/uploaded as many pictures as I could for my outlets then headed out to the airport.

Just wanted to thank the BET Team AGAIN for the hospitality & incredible opportunity 🙂

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