My Love Solution VIP Experience with Expert Pamela Smith

NEVER thought I would find myself in a “love solutions” session but NEVER say NEVER! 🙂

Saturday afternoon I met the BEAUTIFUL Love Solutions Expert, Pamela Smith at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta.  I was able to sit through part of Pamela’s VIP session as she shared advice on how to find yourself again, bring out your best qualities and open up your heart to love!!  Pamela talks “real talk” which made the experience more enjoyable and even funny at times.  I’ve been married for almost 10 years and it’s always good to learn new love “tricks” & real solutions.

Pamela Smith 4
Loveologist, Pamela Smith













Pamela walked through various stages of a relationship including:

• how to find the perfect mate
• how to get past your insecurities and open up to love and intimacy
• how to get over a broken relationship
• how to mirror your mate
• secrets to keeping your mate interested at any stage of the relationship!

And as a…BONUS: A hands-on and interactive workshops using items you can find in your own home!

Pamela Smith 2













Pamela Smith 3












Pamela Smith 8











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DON’T miss out on the next Love Solutions VIP Experience!!  Be sure to visit the website at for upcoming events.  Special thanks to Pamela Smith & April Love for the warm hospitality 🙂


Pamela Smith 1

Pamela Smith 7
PR April Love, Princess Ann Banton Lofters and Maja Sly





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