Loving My NEW Cow Neck Knit Scarf by TyCam Collections!

Fall is HERE and I’m loving my new cow neck “hand-made” knit scarf by TyCam Collections!  This AMAZING fashion accessory line is very special to me because the owner & creator is my twin sister Felicia!  🙂

Photos provided by RobinLori

My sis Felicia  of TyCam Collections
My sis Felicia of TyCam Collections













Me in my NEW 2014 Fall  Knit Scarf
Me in my NEW 2014 Fall Knit Scarf












As I mentioned before in previous posts… my sis (5 minutes younger) was a corporate career woman for 10 years and decided to become a “career mom” for her girls Tyler and Cameron.  This is where the name TyCam originated from.  15 years… I have always admired her dedication & commitment to making sure they have the BEST opportunities… and of course it has rubbed off on me with my boys.  She is a visionary and loves fashion.  I call her my personal Martha Stewart!

Check out of some of my favorite TyCam Collection pieces!

My niece 3 years ago... she was 12 at the time.
My niece 3 years ago… she was 12 at the time.













Lovely friend of my niece... 2 years ago
Lovely friend of my niece… 2 years ago



















My 2 nieces...
My 2 nieces…














The scarfs are also custom-made. You can choose your own colors & styles to support your favorite team or sorority!  Here’s a few pics I grabbed from instagram 🙂


TyCam Collections, LLC is truly a stepping stone to achieving dreams. Felicia Smith, Lead Designer, proved that with hard work, a creative spirit, and determination, she could be successful doing what she loves to do. Her two beautiful daughters look to her as a role model for this specific business aspect – have fun, honor your beauty and talents, and make a statement! TyCam Collections are designed to make a personal statement. The Collection includes handmade fashion accessories, jewelry, with more to come.

Tycam Collections 11
Collection from previous year…













Fe, is just getting her feet wet AGAIN and the best is yet to come!   You can email her at tycamcollections@gmail.com or visit the Beehive, located in the swanky part of Edgewood to shop for her new 2014 Fall collection!


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