Macy’s at Lenox Presents TrukFit Collection and Lil Wayne Stops by!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending over 5 hours photographing Lil Wayne’s TrukFit event presented by Macy’s. ūüôā

trunk fit 2


Hundreds of folks anxiously waited to see Lil Wayne and the street style line of skater inspired pieces from his Trukfit collection.



It was a long day but it was good to see¬†Lil Wayne being extremely pleasant to his fans.¬† The kids absolutely LOVED him.¬† Anywho, ¬†I won’t go into a lot of the other things that happened (counting to 10)… So I will sign out.

Congrats to Lil Wayne and his¬†new line.¬† Check out my Instagram pic (I normally don’t use photos captured for my clients):

Lil Wayne and Greg Street of V103
Lil Wayne and Greg Street of V103





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