Macy’s Pink Pig Sneak Preview with Ritesh!

My girl Talking with Tami invited me out last week to Macy’s private media and VIP sneak preview!  I must say… I was amazed by all of the cute pinkness but overwhelmed & delighted by the smile of Ritesh Vunnam, a 5 year-old patient from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This beautiful little boy is living with a rare, life-threatening disease Pulmonary Hypertension  that affects his heart and lungs. There is no cure for Ritesh’s disease, and the prognosis is generally poor. But his parents are ensuring Ritesh gets the care he needs through the Children’s Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Program.  My thoughts and prayers go out for peace & happiness for this family.

Macy’s was joined by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to offer this special private preview of the holiday tradition and to welcome their very first rider of the season… Ritesh!  I was able to ride Priscilla the Pink Pig along with Ritesh to capture all of his giggles and smiles!  Take a look at all the pics as I truly enjoyed this moment.  🙂