Mark Rotolo: First to Finish 2013 AJC Peachtree Jr.

Congrats goes out to Mark Rotolo, first to finish the 2013 AJC Peachtree Jr. race!

Mark Rotolo
Photo by RobinLori












Mark who started with the 12 year age group cruised through the finish line without breaking sweat.  The cool morning weather helped a bit I’m sure…  Such a cool guy!

Mark Rotolo 2
Photo by RobinLori












I always enjoy events that encourage kids to run and embrace the outdoors. There was SO much support and cheers in the midst of all the rain mother nature delivered that morning. 🙂

2nd finisher…

Peachtree Jr 1 Peachtree Jr 2







Congrats to my little finishers:-)

Peachtree Jr 4
Brandon, 7
Peachtree Jr 3
Jonathan, 4




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