Marvel Universe LIVE! Atlanta Giveaway WINNER!!

Congrats to Stacey Culp, winner of my Marvel Universe LIVE! Atlanta giveaway!!  I had so many wonderful responses but Stacey was the FIRST person to respond to my contest and wrote a very touching note about her favorite superhero!

“My favorite superhero is Iron Man, but my kids are all about Hulk and Captain America. We almost have our own Avengers team!  I’d forgotten about the appeal of Spiderman! My son was equally obsessed with and terrified of spiders for a solid month after watching one of the Spiderman movies. I think he was convinced that he would turn into Spiderman if he was bitten. Thanks for the great giveaway!”
Special thanks to EVERYONE who participated.


Tickets are still available!  Click HERE to get your tickets!!

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