Mary Mary Season 3 Premiere Event in Atlanta – Photos!

Can’t wait to see one of my favorite shows… Mary Mary on Thursday, February 27 at 9/8c!!  I was able to join WeTv and Word of Faith for a Season 3 Premiere screening event in Atlanta with a special performance by Erica Campbell.  I must admit… it was a pretty hectic day for me.  I LOVE Mary Mary and desperately wanted to get a short interview or even just a few images… but knew I only had a few minutes to spare.  I was hired to photograph another event and almost left empty handed… but the ladies showed up JUST in time.  Whew, I almost had a heart attack!!

Mary Mary 3
















Erica Campbell of Mary Mary
Erica Campbell of Mary Mary


















The production team had a very nice press reception before the red carpet but time FLEW by and 5 minutes is ALL I had left to make things happen.  I had ONE burning question to ask but time wasn’t on my side.  I’m sure we will get a glimpse on the show of how the sisters dealt with wanting to go in different directions.  My sister and I are singers and went though the EXACT same issue (on a smaller level).  I was the one who wanted to push for the career and my sis was just burned out and wanted to settle down.  It was a difficult time for us but LOVE, FAITH, and FAMILY never fails.

So… I didn’t get to ask a question, didn’t see Erica’s performance, hear the sessions or capture the red carpet but here’s a few goodies I managed to snap 🙂

Tina Campbell of Mary Mary
Tina Campbell of Mary Mary


















Mary Mary 8












Fabulous catering by Chef Sammy Davis

Mary Mary 2













Special thanks to Erica who was SO gracious & kind.  Wishing you, Tina & your families the VERY best!!

Instagram pic of Me & Erica Campbell
Instagram pic of Me & Erica Campbell














Watch the preview:


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