MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly at 2012 UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball

Another wish came true when I focused my lens on MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly who performed at 2012 UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball. This group doesn’t need an introduction from me as we ALL know and LOVE them.

MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly

Frankie Beverly

Let me tell you… I was totally mesmerized by Frankie Beverly. I had a position right in front of him and stood there unable to move. “Happy Feeling”, “Joy and Pain” are songs I grew up listening to and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. Frankie probably looked down and said, “Who is this girl in the red dress staring at me?” LOL… everyone else was grooving and screaming but I couldn’t… just wanted to embrace and capture the moment.

Frankie Beverly

I’m a musician (singer) myself and appreciate the work put into performances. This man puts his heart & soul into every single word/note and I was right there with him. Needless to say… MAZE rocked the house and everyone was on their feet.

Frankie Beverly

Frankie Beverly

Frankie 3

Again, a BIG thanks goes out to City of Atlanta and UNCF for having me!


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