Meet the Cast of WE tv’s NEW Reality Show “Cutting It In the ATL”

Hello wonderful readers!  YOU do know that I’m not a gossip blog and have NEVER posted any dirt.  Most of my journey has been really cool… but this time I can’t resist sharing my 1st experience with one of the cast members of WE tv’s NEW reality show “Cutting It In the ATL”.  On Sunday, cast members Beautii Joseph, Maja Sly, Mushiya Tshikuka, Dedra Allen and LaKenya Morris attended the #BronnerBros event to give audiences a sneak peek and they all looked lovely.


Beautii Joseph, Maja Sly, Mushiya Tshikuka and LaKenya Morris



















I’ve photographed some of the cast at previous events and the ladies have always been vibrant, kind and delightful.  Also, Maja Sly & I have several mutual friends with great connections… so I was excited to finally meet the other members backstage at the hair show.  Now y’all know I’m just as humble as a lamb…  I learned who the other ladies were and “kindly” asked for a photo.  One particular member replied, “No you may not!!”  She turned up her nose and rolled her eyes to back of her head. LOL!  Yeah, I can laugh about it now but then… YOU COULD NOT HAVE PREPARED ME FOR THIS.  My mouth dropped to the floor.

Now don’t get me wrong… I’ve been told “NO” plenty of times and I have the understanding it comes with “media” territory. But NEVER have I experienced the pure “mean girl” attitude for no reason at all.  Especially since she was there for MEDIA exposure.  Chile, me and my little camera walked away quietly and STUNNED!

Cast Interviewed with V103 at Bronner Bros
Cast Interviewed with V103 at Bronner Bros















“Cutting It in the ATL” premieres May 2015 on WE tv and I can’t wait to tune in.  Won’t name names.. but I have a strong feeling about who’s going to bring the most drama. LOL!


Here’s a few more fun pics.  Thank you LADIES.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Cast of WE tv’s NEW Reality Show “Cutting It In the ATL”

  1. Lol ! Hi Ms RobinLori… Lol mean girl that’s new and most people that know me professionally or personally would not described me in the light “yes I am the mean girl Ms Robin is blogging about” lately I’ve been trusting my intuition and in True messy style you writing about me and my behavior without knowing the “why”…you asked for a picture and I said “no” all the other theatrics you writing about are hilarious…. And had you asked you would’ve been given an explanation at this point I give you best wishes! Lol and you soon will discover I don’t start anything I cannot finish! Xoxo I don’t know you so I can only go on what you have done to me personally…….and that my dear is labeling me before even knowing me! Advice ask next time someone denies you a request!

  2. Hi Ms Lori, I knew it was Ms Dedra you were speaking of when I saw she was missing from the posed group photos. Apparently, hit dogs really do holler. I’ve watched all 4 episodes that have aired so far and that Ms Dedra is all full of issues. Her Aunt was correct, she really does need to seek therapy. LOL at how she was the only cast member who just had to comment. She told on herself. Sidenote: I love your blog. I’m just sorry I had to find it by accident. Peace and blessings.

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