Meeting Photographer Peter Hurley Was Definitely a SHABANG! #ImagingUSA2016

Hey ya’ll it’s RobinLori bringing you highlights from my visit to the 2016 Imaging USA convention in Atlanta! I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see the “Maestro” headshot photographer Peter Hurley in person and in action. 🙂  Even though I’m a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA)… I  still consider myself a “newbie” and on the hunt for anything that can help me enhance my craft.

Peter Hurley / Photo from Facebook
Peter Hurley / Photo from Facebook













peter hurley imaging usa 2
My iPhone pic
















Peter is known for making people look AMAZING with his headshot & portrait photography. He’s also known for figuring out the secret to perfect facial poses or as Tyra Banks says… “smiling with your eyes”.  “It’s All about the Squinch” has taken the celebrity world by storm!  Take a look at what this phenomenon is all about:



The studio portrait & headshot platform is something I would like to tap into a little more this year.  I specialize in event photography which has treated me VERY WELL… but it’s time to expand my territory.  Peter provided the Imaging USA attendees a little taste of his workshops and he is definitely a big SHABANG!  I loved his spunky teaching approach aimed at getting us to understand the art of capturing great portraits.

“Taking a picture of someone doesn’t make it a portrait. A portrait is not a portrait until you DIRECT”

– Peter H.














And then THIS happened!

An It’s RobinLori selfie!  Sorry about the iPhone lighting and blown out photo. 🙁   This “A” list photographer participated and presented during the entire convention… answering questions and sharing his knowledge with us.  Sooo super cool meeting him!

me and peter hurley










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