Michelle Obama Handles Gay-Rights Protester Head On at Fundraiser

Momma always said, “Don’t mess with the head lady in charge!”

Photo/US News
Photo/US News













Michelle Obama was addressing a Democratic Party fundraiser in a private Kalorama home in Northwest Washington when Ellen Sturtz, 56, a lesbian activist, interrupted her remarks to demand that President Obama sign an anti-discrimination executive order.

Michelle Obama looked directly into Sturtz eyes and said:

“One of the things I don’t do well is this…  Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving.” And she told the crowd, “You all decide. You have one choice.”

And the crowd began rooting for Obama!  The woman was escorted out, shouting that she was a “lesbian looking for federal equality before I die.”

Obama then returned to the lectern and finished her speech, getting loud applause as she did. – Taken from US News & Washington Post

Love Michelle!

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