My One on One with Mimi Faust: A Different Perspective from It’s RobinLori

OMG… I’m getting so many hits this morning from visitors trying to see pics/posts of Mimi Faust.  I have photographed with the Love & Hip Hop team on many occasions but I was really trying hard to stay away from the sex scandal/video stories.   But here we go… from a different perspective.

Mimi Faust
Mimi Faust













mimi faust 2
Mimi Faust













Do you see these beautiful smiles?  EVERY woman has something behind the smile.  Whether it be something from our past, a bad decision or something we are currently battling… we are all STILL beautiful.  I captured these images just a few months ago while at a popular beauty salon here in Atlanta.  Mimi, myself and a few other beauty experts were there ALL night and I got a chance to see & chat with Mimi without the TV cameras.  I won’t get into everything that was discussed because as you all know “what happens in a salon stays in the salon”…  but I will say, “DON’T be so quick to judge!

First impressions do have meaning and I thought Mimi was passionate about her career, VERY strong minded (not a push-over) and LOVES her baby girl.  You NEVER know what a person is going through or understand their decisions unless you are in their shoes.

I’m talking to the ladies here… sometimes we have to put on our “mother instincts & compassion” hats and EMBRACE each other!




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