Model Crysta Redwine Launches “Defined With Purpose” for Teens



Saturday was a LONG but great day! In the midst of my Race for Leukemia event & Discovery of the Dinosaurs with my little ones… I had a chance to stop by Neiman Marcus at Lenox Square Mall for Model Crysta Redwine’s launch of “Defined with Purpose” for young teens.

Crysta Redwine, Defined with Purpose/Pic by RobinLori
Crysta Redwine, Defined with Purpose/Pic by RobinLori












Founder Crysta Redwine is an International Model, Mentor and Self-Worth Ambassador and created her program for young ladies ages 10 – 18. Defined With Purpose is a 501(3)(c) organization actively giving girls HOPE, SUPPORT, and ENCOURAGEMENT in finding their PURPOSE in life. Throughout our six-week course, DWP focuses on particular topics that are important to the internal development of our members, and instructs them on how to combat the challenges of growing up. Crysta shares, “We tackle situations that young girls face, such as being accepted, peer pressure, and their definition of themselves, then build inside of them confidence, strength, determination, and fulfillment.”
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“Launch of Love” activities included: fun makeovers, informal fashion show featuring prom and dress trends, music by DJ Princess Cut, cupcakes, mocktails (kids) and cocktails (parents) and new member registration. It was really cool to see all the young ladies and their big smiles. Enjoy the pics I snapped!

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