My Review: 5 Things I Learned from Fifty Shades of Grey In Theaters TODAY!

Ok… so TODAY marks the release of the HOTTEST movie of the year.  Over 100 million books sold… Fifty Shades of Grey is causing quite a stir with the ladies.  I’ve NEVER read the book so I was completely open and excited to see what the hype was all about.  I’m certainly no movie critic but here’s 5 things I learned after watching this sensation:

fifty shades








1.  I knew there was a lot of emphasis on “SEX” but didn’t realize Christian Grey specialized in being a Dominatrix/BDSM which includes bondage, discipline, domination, submission and a bunch of hard core toys.  Poor little Anastasia… she had no clue of what she was getting into but it certainly didn’t take long for her to hop into the Red Room of Pain.

2. Ok, so it takes me a minute. I finally figured… all those grey ties Christian used symbolized 50 flavors of fun.  Depending on what type of fun you prefer. His world included an entire play room filled with everything I can’t even name.

3.  I was told this movie represents the “secret passion & desire” of women across the globe.  We want to be controlled in the bedroom but not in the kitchen kind of thing.  Oh well.. the movie was deliberately “far fetched” to create this sort of  fantasy that would probably NEVER happen to most  but one can always dream.  LOL!

4.  Maybe it’s just me… but it seemed like the actor Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) struggled with a few lines . There were these awkward moments where he tried to deliver the hard core sex lines to Anastasia and it just didn’t connect.  For example he goes…  “I going to *&@%  you”.  Oh boy… #fail

5. As mentioned, I haven’t read the book…  but read from critics it was badly written with graphic details.  The movie presents a softer approach for the masses.

Check it out for yourself and share your thoughts.



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