My Weekend GetAway Treat: I’m Gonna Make Seafood Gumbo!

Lord have mercy it’s cold outside!  I just returned from having an AMAZING lunch with my boys and started to think about dinner for the cold weekend coming up.  This pretty picture of one of my favorite dishes popped out and my mouth started to water for this treat.  Instead of thinking of the first place to buy Seafood Gumbo… it’s time for me to pull up my big girl panties and make it myself! 🙂

From Cook & Be Merry












The recipe comes from Cook and Be Merry which is just what I needed to hear to get through my fright of actually cooking this.  LOL!  If you read the article you will see the writer (Lynne) was hooked by the beautiful photograph as well and tried it for the first time (successfully).  It’s a pretty funny story but informative.

So here we go… bring on the shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage and I might add crab legs!

Click HERE to get the recipe.

About My Weekend Getaway Treats:

Something new or old, something big or small, something daring, something refreshing… this part of my quest to a better me, inner peace and happiness. When momma’s happy, everyone else is happy. LOL!  Don’t get me wrong, my life is GREAT and truly fulfilling… this is just a little something “extra”I do for myself in the midst of day to day routine, family and photography.  On occasional weekends… I treat myself to something “out of the ordinary” called “My Weekend Getaway Treat”. 🙂

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